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Keith Law

Keith presents the Downtown Country Breakfast show and also has many hidden talents. He’s a keen country fan but perhaps his biggest claim to fame is that he once played bass in a Bluegrass band with the current banjo player from Hayseed Dixie.

The prankster says his favourite karaoke song has to be Leanne Rimes- How Do I Live and says he especially enjoys trying to hit the high notes. Keith is the face of the hit BBC1 show Just For Laughs. With 5 series since its original UK airing in 2003, Keith’s had more costume changes than an incontinent supermodel. The show is currently showing on FIVER and at any one time up to 125 countries across the world (not to mention about 100 airlines as well).

Thanks to the internet generation uploading Just For Laughs onto sites like Youtube, Keith's face is one of the most viewed on the internet today, clocking up views somewhere in the region of about …a squillion!

Also a multi award winning commercial writer/producer, Keith’s work is heard and seen on a variety of broadcast media.

"Barry's website is just what I was after. He took the photos, consulted me regularly and concisely and worked with me to get what I wanted. No-one was ever going to google "find me a speccy balding, late 30s, ad writer with comic experience" so the usual web rules didn't apply. I use it as a platform when asked for more information about myself, demos etc and is perfect for that. I always receive compliments from those who see it within my industry, whatever that is. It looks smart and snappy and, now that my ego is fed, im down to looking at it only 23 hours a day. Honest!"

Keith Law

 Keith Law