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Graduate of Interactive Multimedia Design, spent the following years working for High Profile companies and Individuals. Now lecturing at the South West College.

Most successful personal project: www.IrishSlang.info

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I hired Barry to give new creative input to our bands web site, LimpBizkit.com. A drop of fresh air.

Fred Durst - LimpBizkit

I have worked with Barry since 2010, he has developed the Donegal Airport web site twice. Barry has always been very accommodating for our needs and requirements

Pauline Sweeney - Donegal Airport

Having worked with Barry before, I knew he was technically very proficient and that the foundation and structure of the website would be excellent, allowing us to dress up the front end.

I was also happy in my mind that he would be contactable for the many little changes and tweaks that are part of keeping websites updated

I have no hesitation in recommending Barry's work and I personally am very happy to work with him into the future, as both our businesses grow.

Hugh Bonner - Mara Media

Barry's website is just what I was after.

He took the photos, consulted me regularly and concisely and worked with me to get what I wanted.

No-one was ever going to google "find me a speccy balding, late 30s, ad writer with comic experience" so the usual web rules didn't apply.

I use it as a platform when asked for more information about myself, demos etc and is perfect for that. I always receive compliments from those who see it within my industry, whatever that is.

It looks smart and snappy and, now that my ego is fed, im down to looking at it only 23 hours a day. Honest!

Keith Law - Comedian, writer, lover for hire

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